Calypso back on European fields

It's almost time, it took us since October 2015... the European finals. 
We have been away from the competition since our last participation in 2010, after a whole generation left our ranks, a new staff came in, board changes, new uniforms and looks,...etc.
I am sure that a lot of people familiar in the activity relate to all these challenges that come with running a corps. It's never easy, and makes a person so humble and happy to be able to keep the corps running and make it possible for all those members to actually march and give them a stage to perform.
The lights in their eyes as the enter and exit the makes it all worth it!
And after six years of re-inventing and rebuilding the corps it's time to take them there again, the biggest and most beautiful stage we have in our European activity...Kerkrade.
Like so many of our fellow corps from Ireland, Italy, the UK, Holland and Germany who have all of the above challenges mentioned, we are now counting on one more thing...and that's you!   Audience! 
More particular a drum corps audience!
Let's be realistic here...for many corps like Calypso a championship ticket is like a lottery. There are so many of humble bands like us with so less spots in the evening finale that we crave for that one chance on the Roda-turf in the early morning, fantasising it could be out last run, bathing in stadium lights with a roaring crowd...
We like to think that we speak in name of all the corps in our 'competitive neighbourhood' to wish for an audience in the stands Saturday morning. Preferably awake ;)
A recognition and reward for all corps, members, staff and volounteers.
We long to compete along our 'neighbourhood' corps, and wish everybody the very best of luck!
Please, don't forget about corps like us on Saturday morning. 
We never forgot about you, you (the fan-the audience) are the reason we are doing this!
Good luck to all performing corps!
Showband Calypso